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"The best tool for Decorative Concrete Sales presentations."

This client wanted to see a few different colour schemes which I sent her 3. On deciding she went for a white base with merino & charcoal flecks. I also had real samples for her to see. She was very interested in the programming that I used for her home. With her interest and the detailed colours we were able to complete the contract and then finish the job. I also am happy that I invested in this program and look forward to many more...
Robert Baum, Spray Pave Perth, Australia

Manfred Delgado Artistic Concrete Group, Miami Florida

Very Impressive software the Decorative Concrete Program and your customer support. A “must have” program in order to show prospective clients the projected end-result. Many individuals have difficulty with visioning their desires and end result. This takes all the guess work out of the sales process. Software customer support is also second-to-none. I’ve been dealing with software companies for decades, this is the best. Highly recommend this product to anyone desiring to take their company to the next level!!
Don Coppland - All American Concrete LLC Myrtle Beach, SC 29578

Decorative Concrete Resources of Saginaw, Michigan, used Decorative Concrete Software to show potential customers how a street through a historic district could be replaced. The project was a mile-long, 11-foot-wide lane down the middle of Center Avenue in Bay City, Michigan.

Show potential clients with Decorative Concrete Software.The concrete was integrally colored Red Barn, from Prism Corp., and stamped in a herringbone brick pattern. Near intersections, the concrete was left untextured to facilitate lane markings." Digital technology has changed the planning process, from proposal to project design to the mix itself. For example, Todd Scharich, owner of Decorative Concrete Resources, a distributor in Saginaw, Mich., touts rendering software. “We have found great success using Decorative Concrete Software when working with architects, engineers and city planners on streetscape enhancement projects, where design committees don’t yet have a true vision of what they want to create.” Scharich has used this rendering software for the past 10 years to create artistic conceptions of a project that help customers choose colors and patterns.

Marco love the Decorative Concrete Estimator.It used to take my company's estimator 20 minutes to calculate the required pavers, base rock, and sand to complete an estimate for our contractor customers. What took him 20 minutes now takes only 3 minutes. He has gone from 100 estimates in a week to completing them all in one day. The Decorative Concrete Estimator Software paid for itself in the first 2 weeks. All the money I am saving now is pure profit. Not only is my new Estimator software faster, but neater, and more accurate. It is worth every penny. Marco Lucente - Ontario, Canada

"Decorative Concrete Programs by Depiction Software does great software and service. I have not had any problems. They get back to me right away, I would buy their software again, and again"
Garry Green - Go Green Concrete

Customers love that I take a picture of their project, load it while I carry on a conversation with them, get it set up and then start showing them on my laptop what the possibilities are with their options. Give this tool to your salesmen or yourself, it will pay for itself in no time once you master the short learning curve on using the software. Bill Leys -Central Coast Waterproofing

The Decorative Concrete programs are a huge help to my business. The program really helps in selling your job and making you look professional as a contractor. Customers really like the fact that can see what the project may look like before spending all their money! Thanks for a great decorative concrete product.
Ryan Chapin - Beltrock Decorative Concrete, MT

"Decorative Concrete Software works so well, if you ask me I think that anybody that is a contractor in this business should have the Deco-Con program because it is going to put you so far ahead of the competition nobody is going to be able to touch you, it gives you just a little bit more of an edge, and that is what we need in this business is an edge. Constantly! Customers will e-mail us a photo of their project and in turn we e-mail them back a rendered photo image using the software. Most of the times we’ll land the job because of the fact that we have the capabilities of using Decorative Concrete Software". Thank you, Kevin.....
Kevin Percy is a current member of the ASCC and sits on the board of directors of the Decorative Concrete Council.

“Marty here again: "The Decorative Concrete Estimator program has been so helpful. The initial setup is easy. When writing up the estimate if noticed there was some info I missed, with a few taps of the mouse I am able to update my products and return right back where I left of to finish the estimate.

“I just wanted to write and tell how much I love these Decorative Concrete Software programs. If there are any concrete contractors out there that want to move their business to the next level these programs will do it. The new Deco-Con imaging software I bought at "World of Concrete" is amazing . When I started doing decorative concrete 3 years ago all I had were some pictures and reference books to show clients and I was lucky to get 1 out of 5 jobs. Once I started using the imaging software not only did I feel much more confident on job walks but I was able to average 4 out of 5 jobs on the spot. Now when I go to my walks, I take a photo of the project, download it to my laptop and have the clients browse through the sample books while I work on the image of their project. As they discuss what they like I can change the image to fit their wishes and by the time they have finished the books I have a photo of their project.” Wow! Thank you again,
Martin Meewis - Colors on Concrete

I can email the estimate to my client right from the program. Now I don't have to work all night writing estimates. Last, I have to say that the Tech support is awesome! . I am a computer "IDIOT" yet somehow I find that these programs and the support staff have made me feel like some kind of "I.T." guy. Thanks Marin Meewis

Decorative Concrete Designer Rosie from Port Charlotte, Florida husband was upset she spent the money for a design program. Using it for the first time and closing the job her husband apologized greatly. Rosie feels Decorative Concrete Software Deco-Con puts you above any other company in your area. It offers her No More Objections from clients because now they know what it is going to look like.
Decorative Concrete Designer Rosie - Port Charlotte, FL

Anthony from Nigeria uses Decorative Concrete Software for the first time and closes a ten thousand dollar deal. He feels anyone in the concrete business needs this software, it works like magic, gives you confidence and makes you look professional.
Decorative Concrete Designer and Installer - Nigeria

“The Decorative Concrete programs are more than fantastic. I have got to pinch myself to believe that we were fortunate enough to stumble on your website. Thanks again I have been signing up multiple sales since I started using the software.”
Will Bayley, Western Australia

Concrete Contractor from Turkey, at the World of Concrete Show, tells how he takes a photo and uses Depictions Software "Deco-Con Decorative Concrete Program" to help him close his concrete projects within a hour. By creating a photo realistic rendering and visually show his clients which decorative concrete colors and patterns they can choose from. Thank you again for all your great support and creating the program.
Decorative Concrete Contractor, Turkey

“Finally! I found the tools to make my business more profitable. And all in one place too.”
Mark Becker, Contractor - Contemporary Land Associates
"Closed more jobs in the last three weeks than I did last summer. Unbelievable."
Andy Williams -A.G. Williams Concrete & More - New York

If you are happy with making sample boards and spending money for nothing and getting bottom dollar for the job, do not read this!!!!
If you are ready to take your business to the next level and increase your sales 300%, then read this!!!!!!!
"It would be wise that anyone that is trying to succeed in this industry while building up their business to invest in the Decorative Concrete Software Programs from Depiction Software. These programs will increase your sales as soon as you pull it out of the box. Why waste time, money and your efforts to make sample boards for customers when you can sit with them and input a photo of their project into the image program and have over 30,000 ways to enhance the project. Within 40 minutes your customer will sign the contract and write you a deposit check. I know this first hand because it happens to me every time I sit down with a customer." I have increased my sales 300% without wasting time and money making unnecessary sample boards and repeated trips to the customer's house. I just love the customer that wants a plain jane job, once you input the photo in and start putting colors and textures in it, they get so excited and grab the check book and ask when can you get started."
Willy Nicholson - Solid Surface Coatings - Colorado

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