Thank you for Puchasing Deco-Con Decorative Concrete Photo Imaging Software.

If you have not done so already please fill out the Contact Us Form. It allows us to capture your information automatically and correctly.

The Deco-Con Download is not automatic. We have to enter you in the system as well as for registration. It could be 5 minutes or 24 hours before you receive the download. We try very hard to keep it fast and straightforward.

Please check your email for additional instructions, but while you are waiting, let's go over some things that will make Decorative Concrete Software a fantastic experience.

  1. Your Receipt: Will be from Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc., our sales branch of Depiction Software. The charge on your card for Deco-Con will say just "Software."
  2. We believe you should shut down your computer or laptop at night and restart your computer every morning. You are allowing your computer or laptop to put files back where they belong and Windows to update.
  3. Clean up your computer before you download and install Deco-Con, starting with adding and removing programs and removing any old software you no longer use.
  4. Search the web for ways to delete temporary files, scan the disk for errors, and free up disk space.
  5. Know that antivirus software can stop the download of the Deco-Con files sometimes. You may have to bypass and say yes, I want to install or run this.
  6. Keeping our library of designs organized:
    1. Make a folder on the C drive call your Company Name.
    2. In the Company Name folder, make 3 folders - Clients - Objects - Textures. These are for items you create.
    3. In the Client folder, each Client Ex: "Smith" has their folder. The picture you took has those long crazy numbers you will save to the Smith folder and then go into the folder and rename it smith-original.jpg.
    4. Now, you open the Deco-Con Software and go to File - Open smith-orginal.jpg, go to File - Background Imaging - Resize and resize the image to about 1500px wide, leave the height we have aspect ratio selected as a default. The image will resize. We are looking for no scroll bar at the bottom, and the scroll bar on the right moves to the bottom.
    5. Now go to File save as and save in the Smith folder as smith-before.jpg
    6. Now go to File save as again and save in the Smith folder as smith-active.LND (we are changing the file format to keeping your design active)
    7. Be sure to remember to save the final LND.
    8. Now, after you completed the design - save as again smith-after1.jpg this is the final that you want to show the client. You can email or open it on a computer that does not have Deco-Con.
    9. All this is in the training movies, but it is easy to miss.

Looking forward to working with you.

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