The Best Decorative Concrete Overlay Estimating Software

The Award-Winning Decorative Concrete Estimator is Designed just for the Professional Decorative Concrete Overlay Contractor!The Decorative Concrete Estimator is downloadable.

Generate Accurate Decorative Concrete Estimates, Contracts, Material lists, Purchase Orders quickly and efficiently.

Choose from either the Installed Windows Version (No Internet Needed and NOW downloadable) OR the Online Version of the Decorative Concrete Estimating in the cloud. (We customize the header "logo" to look like your website on the online version)

The Decorative Concrete Overlay Manufacturers we have estimators for are Americrete, Elite-Crete, Goldenlook, Stardek, SuperKrete or CTI. Add or change any material and create any formulas of the products you use, in a matter of minutes and there are training movies that show how.

We know the importance of generating accurate decorative concrete estimates quickly and efficiently, which is why we designed the Deco-Con Estimator. This one-of-a-kind estimator went on to win the Most Innovative Product at the World of Concrete Expo. Watch the Demo Movie Now, it will show you everything.

The Decorative Concrete Estimator saves us time and money! It creates contracts, purchase orders even a material list, I can even make changes on the fly.
Thanks Again Kevin Percy

The Installed Version is a One Time Fee, and NO Internet is Needed. All our programs include extensive training videos and free phone and online support.

The Decorative Concrete Estimators are comprehensive yet easy to learn.

See sample of the output by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Decorative Concrete Basic Estimate

Creating a Basic Estimate for Decorative Concrete used to be time consuming.

Easily Creates and Calculates Estimates for your customer in seconds.

Decorative Concrete Detailed Estimate

Detailed Decorative Concrete Estimates are now easy.

The estimator breaks down how much material of each product you need for the job at hand.

Decorative Concrete Contract

Contracts for Decorative Concrete made easy

The estimator automatically places the pricing into the legal jargon that you can edit. A super time saver.

Decorative Concrete Purchase Order

An easy way to create a decorative concrete purchase order.

Purchase Orders for your vendors can be created in 1 click and can be emailed to your supplier. Saving you the time to figure it out and type it out. You can even create a Purchase Order that includes multiple projects.
The problem of not ordering enough, or too much, concrete and materials, is now in the past.

Trial one of the Online Estimators Now - Click Here! (Check your email for link)

Americrete Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors.
Elite-Crete Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors
GoldenLook Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors
Stardek Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors
Super-Krete Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors

The Deco-Con Estimator Easily Creates and Calculates:

  • Estimates for your customer in seconds.
  • Custom Contracts automatically generated.
  • Purchase Orders for your vendors.
  • Calculates Materials Lists for you and your crews.
  • Other Software Features include: Synchronize your materials and estimates to multiple computers; your desktop, laptop, and other associate’s computers, Save, Print, Fax or E-mail your professional looking estimates.

Your time is too valuable to spend it looking up prices and calculating estimates. Take care of this headache in a matter of minutes and boost the likelihood that your potential customer becomes a contracted customer. The estimator saves time and money by eliminating the problem of not ordering enough, or too much, concrete and materials, it saves time by cutting down on tedious paperwork and mistakes. The Deco-Con Estimator will shave hours of work from your day and will close more sales than you might have thought possible.

The Decorative Concrete Estimator is the best product that I bought for my company, compared to what other people are doing. If I make a presentation mine looks professional. It also helped me get jobs I never would have gotten because of the professional appearance and how quick I can now get back to my clients. Thank you again,
Dr Jay Concrete Ltd

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