Decorative Concrete Online Estimator.

Create Decorative Concrete Overlay Estimates on your PC, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone's, Androids or Windows Tablets from anywhere 24/7 with an internet connection!

Which estimator is best for your Decorative Concrete Overlay Company, either to have the Decorative Concrete Online Estimator in the cloud or the Estimator installed on your hard drive. We put together the pros and cons of the Online Estimator to help you decide.

Pros of the Online Decorative Concrete Estimator.

  • Access 24/7 from any device, share the information with other team members.
  • It can be accessed by many types of devices that connect to the internet.
  • You do not have to synchronize any data between users, it is all in one place.

Cons of using internet based products

  • You need an internet connection to use the program.
  • If you are sharing all information with others in your company that use the estimator.
Decorative Concrete online estimator can be used on your PC, IPad, Iphone, Androids, or Windows tablets.

The Online Decorative Concrete Overlay Estimator graphics is customized to reflect your companies website look and feel. This is included Free with your purchase of the Decorative Concrete Imaging Program ($150. Value). We made this Very Affordable as a package deal- Only $12.50 a month hosting - Easy to Use with Unlimited Free Support - Includes extensive training videos!

To purchase the online Estimator alone is $150 plus $12.50 a month hosting.

Just like the installed version choose from Manufacturers like Americrete, Elite-Crete, Goldenlook, Stardek and SuperKrete, remember it is completely customizable you can add any material and create any formulas of the products you use, in a matter of a few minutes and there are many training movies that show how to use the program and enter your custom data, which are built into the program. (View the Estimator Training Videos Now!)

Make sure you watch the Demo movie below to get a complete understanding of the power of the program.

Demo one of Online Estimators Now Click Here! (Check your email for link)

Americrete Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors.
Elite-Crete Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors
GoldenLook Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors
Stardek Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors
Super-Krete Estimator for Decorative Concrete Contractors

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  1. Please watch this training video.
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  3. Try one of the Online Estimators by filling out the Contact Us Form
  4. Watch additional Training Videos - all included with purchase

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