Decorative Concrete Programs Customer Support

The Decorative Concrete Programs FAQ's page offers information on computer requirements and questions you might have prior to purchasing.

Customer Support includes information about installation as well as some tip an tricks to make your imaging to look more realistic.

Please Note: The Decorative Concrete Imaging programs comes with Tutorials which takes you from start to finish on a project, we also include short videos for every command in the program. It is important that you take the time to watch these videos for a easier and better experience with our programs.

If you watched all the tutorials and read everything below and you can not find your answer, do not stay stuck. Use our Support Ticket.

The UAC block files from being written to your hard drive under program files. So it blocks the programs from registration. So you need to TURN IT OFF, then register the Program, you can turn it back on after that if you wish to. Below are videos that will show you how to turn off the UAC.

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 8

  • Windows 7

  • Vista

The UAC is one step in registering Deco-Con. After the program is installed Register Here and follow all instructions.

Yes, you can import your images to the Deco-Con program. We even made an instructional movie in the software to show you how to do this.

Go to FILE/PROGRAM DEFAULTS/SELECT: Printing covers entire page. Watch the training Movie on this and more.

This happens when the display setting are changed while the program is open. The solution is to reset the programs defaults to bring the thumbnails back to the original position, you need to rename the EXE and the INI files.

  1. go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Deco-Conv3
  2. rename DecoCon.exe to DecoCon1.exe
  3. and rename DecoCon.ini to DecoCon1.ini
  4. re-open the program Should be fixed

Yes, Select the Area you want to edit - On the top tool bar go to Area - Edit Area - Here you will be able to add points, take away points and move points. You even have the ability to add another area with the same texture. Everything is always editable in your .LND file. This make Decorative Concrete Imaging Software very powerful when customers make changes.

Norton Anti-Virus may block or delete the Deco-Con training movies from your computer. Because they are applications that open the movie files, Norton may over react and delete them without asking you. Rest assured these movies do not have viruses. You need to exclude the movie folder to stop Norton from doing this. Or if you are uncomfortable with doing that, you can watch the training movies online on YouTube from this page:
This is step by step instructions how to exclude the movie folder in Norton.

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