The Deco-Con Program Reasonably is Priced @400.

One user can install the program on two computers. There are NO Monthly Fees, includes free support and training videos!

  1. Please fill out a Contact Us Form if you have not done so. The payment information does not give us all that we need to enter you into the system.
  2. We use PayPal to purchase Deco-Con, and they accept all major credit cards, so no worries, you do Not Need a PayPal Account. NOTE: There is an option to pay as a guest with a Debit or Credit Card.
  3. Did you know PayPal does offer a No Interest credit line? Learn more about Paypal Credit.
  4. About 2nd and 3rd Users: Partners, brothers, sister, 2nd designers are considered 2nd users and discounted 50% call, and I will send a private link to purchase so they can register and receive support. Suppose you have questions before purchase, call 817-764-0413.
  5. Deco-Con is an extensive program, and good internet is essential to download. If that is an issue, please contact the office.
  6. Important notes: Deco-Con is a Windows-based program. It works well on all Windows platforms. If you are using a Mac, you must use Parallels and Windows and install Deco-Con on the Windows side. It is imperative you read our requirements, which are on our FAQ Page.
  7. Deco-Con includes 25 plus years of content, which is useable in other programs. For that reason, we offer a free online demonstration instead of a trial. It is best to watch all our training videos before requesting a demo and or purchasing.

Deco-Con Decorative Concrete Design Software is downloadable. After purchase, you will receive an email with the download and installation instructions (Check your spam folder).

Congratulations, the Decorative Concrete Design Program will give you an edge over the competition. We want to hear your success stories and help promote your company by sharing your before and after's created in Deco-Con.

After purchasing, you will go to the Thank You Page. It has very good info. Please take the time to read it! If something is not working correctly on our website, please contact us immediately by email or phone: 817-764-0413. We appreciate your knowledge and your time.

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