We help contractors conquer the challenge of potential clients saying "I just can't see it". If they can see it, they want it!

Garry Galpin from Depiction Software has been developing photo imaging software programs for the Decorative Concrete, Hardscape and Landscaping industries since 1996 and has sold thousands of programs worldwide.

Depictions Software also creates custom versions of our imaging programs for many of the largest Decorative concrete and Hardscape manufactures in North America, France, Italy, Australia and England.

In 2005 we introduced the Estimator for Decorative Concrete overlays and won the Most Innovative Product in the software category at the World of Concrete 2005 and still is to this day.

In 1997 Depiction software was also one of the first companies to include training movies integrated into the program to make it easier and faster for users to learn the program.

Since 2011 Depiction Software joined up with Michele Donnelly Owner of Landscape Design Imaging LLC to handle all contractor sales.

Michele worked as Sales manager at Design Imaging Group selling DesignWare for Landscapers and DesignWare for Pools in New York back in 1997, she ran the pool design software division out of Florida till 2007. After a short break, she came back on the team. Her knowledge of the programs, assistance in design, additional libraries, website development just to name a few has made her invaluable partner. She spends time with clients not only for our program but to discuss their business goals and how we can help contractors achieve them. Feel Free to chat with her at any time, she even makes herself available most evening.

Our other Programs and Services

GreenScapes Landscape Design

GreenScapes does have an extensive decorative concrete library but was created for Landscapers and contractors who install interlocking pavers.

GreenScapes Download Center

GreenScapes has thousands of objects and textures but we always seem to find new ones. So we made it easy for GreenScapes clients to add them.

Hardscape Imaging Software

Hardscape Imaging Software is designed for contractors who mainly install interlocking pavers. It does include a small plant library.

Hardscape Estimating Software

We include 51 Paving Manufacturers in our Hardscape Estimator. Install choice one and edit the content to fit your company needs. We also have an Online Version.

Decorative Concrete Imaging Software

With all the options Decorative Concrete has it is not always easy for the client to choose. Our Photo Imaging makes it is for them to visualize it completed.

Decorative Concrete Estimating Software

We have a generic estimator or choose one of the manufacturers listed. This is the program that won the award in the World of Concrete.

Landscape Lighting Software

Designed for contractors who just do exterior lighting. This Landscape Lighting program is very reasonably priced. New manufacturers are downloadable free.

Visualizer - Lead Generator

Clients can upload an image and design pavers only with this tool but the best part is you can turn it into a lead generator for your company. (no longer available)

Customized Software for Manufacturers

Manuacturers who want more information on a custom software program please fill out the Contact Us Form and Garry will personally discuss your project with you.

Decorative Concrete Software the Company

Depiction Software & Landscape Design Imaging Software offer over 30 years in developing Photo Imaging and Estimating Software (READ MORE)

Other Photo Imaging Programs we offer for landscaper, hardscape and lighting design.

GreenScapes Landscape Design Imaging Software
Designed for the contractors who do it all Landscaping, Paver's, Night Lighting
Hardscape Imaging and Estimating Programs
Designed exclusively for the contractor installing interlocking pavers.
Landscape Lighting Software
Designed just for the Night Lighting contractor

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